Prepare Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches For An Early Morning Outing

Kaiser buns will elevate the taste of breakfast sandwiches, plus they will provide a durable barrier that will contain the meat, vegetables, cheese, and toppings that you use for each creation. If you and your family will be going on an early morning hike next month and you plan on bringing along a bag that contains a filling breakfast, use some fresh-baked kaiser buns to aid in creating an array of tasty treats that will satiate everyone's hunger.

Plan The Breakfast Menu

During a hike, you and your loved ones will be expending energy and this could lead to each person feeling famished once the trek is complete. For this reason, you may want to purchase enough kaiser rolls to supply each of your family members with two breakfast sandwiches.

Fresh bread products will keep as long as you use plastic wrap or foil to preserve them. This will result in any leftovers not being wasted, since sandwiches that aren't consumed during the outing can be enjoyed once you get back home. At your local bakery, you may see that there are traditional kaiser buns on display and ones that are a distinct flavor or that possess a unique texture.

Purchase a variety box, which includes several kaiser bun types. When you get home, plan your menu. You may want to use cold cuts, onions, fried or scrambled egg patties, bacon, sausage, cheese, mustard, and mayonnaise as the ingredients for the center of each sandwich. Before assembling all of the ingredients, use a knife to slather some melted butter across the top and bottom of each kaiser bun.

Assemble And Store The Breakfast Sandwiches

During the sandwich assembly process, use toothpicks to secure all of the items together. Plastic wrap, foil, or Ziploc bags should be used to preserve each sandwich. Use masking tape to create labels, which identify the sandwich and kaiser bun types that are stored inside of the wrap or bags.

Because you may want to leave your hands freed up during the outing, a backpack may be needed to transport the breakfast sandwiches, snacks, and beverages that you and your family will be enjoying. A blanket or a vinyl tarp can be added to the bag's contents and will provide you and your loved ones with a suitable area to sit down and enjoy the homemade breakfast sandwiches and snacks that you have prepared for the occasion.            

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