5 Quick Breads To Serve In Your Bread Basket

Bread can be a challenging thing to get right for your restaurant. Because it can take time, equipment, and kitchen space that you typically would use for preparing dishes, one of the best ways to handle it is by outsourcing your bread to a bread supply company. Work with them to come up with a creative and tasty solution to make your bread baskets a highlight of peoples' evenings. One of the best bread basket options is to use quick breads instead of yeast options. Here are 5 quick breads that you can use to complement the food you serve:

Pumpkin spice bread

Pumpkin spice bread is particularly trendy right now and is a great option for the fall. When it is harvest time, your guests will love tasting this sweet treat. Consider requesting loaves with chocolate chips for an added bonus.

Zucchini walnut bread

Zucchini is often derided for producing extraordinary volumes of vegetables from a single plant. While this can be problematic for an individual, it is great for making quick breads. Zucchini pairs wonderfully with walnuts and is a great summer bread option for your patrons.

Key lime bread

Key lime bread is a modified version of a traditional poundcake, using the same quick bread base, but with the addition of key lime juice to the mix. The natural sweetness of the poundcake offsets the tartness of the key limes for a mellow, flavorful bread that is extremely unique. This is a great bread to serve in the spring as people start warming up from the cold winter. 

Cinnamon spice bread

During the holiday season, one of the best things that you can do is that add some seasonal items to your menu. What better way to do that than with your breads as well? A cinnamon spice bread will bring together all the flavors of the season without resorting to something that is universally despised like fruit cake. 

Apple cinnamon bread

Apples and cinnamon go together almost as well as apple pie and ice cream. A sugar and cinnamon mixture forms a crust on the bread that is a nice change of pace from the softness of most quick breads. Additionally, it tastes fantastic at any time of year, but it is especially nice to serve to your customers during the summer.

Work with your bread supplier (such as Klosterman Baking Company) to come up with seasonal quick breads that will differentiate your restaurant from your competitors and delight your customers.

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